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What is Operations Management?

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What is APICS?

APICS The Association for Operations Management is the global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in operations management, including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing, and logistics. Since 1957, individuals and companies have relied on APICS for its superior training, internationally recognized certifications, comprehensive resources, and worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals.

APICS is the premier source for information for operations management professionals.  APICS builds knowledge and skills in operations management professionals to enhance and validate abilities and accelerate careers. We help our members and their organizations successfully compete and build a stronger global economy.

The Operations Management Body of Knowledge Framework (OMBOK) defines the scope of the operations management field and positions APICS' vast body of knowledge and provides members access to foundation of the profession, including the language, best practices, and techniques that help members succeed.  APICS members receive a complimentary electronic copy by visiting or may purchase a hard copy of the OMBOK by visiting the APICS Bookstore section of the APICS Web site.

Membership gains access to the National Association's collection of industry information and tools, as well as education and support from our local North Shore Chapter.  For more information on APICS membership benefits, follow this link to the National Association's website: Professional Membership

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What is Operations Management?

1) The planning, scheduling, and control of the activities that transform inputs into finished goods and services. 2) A field of study that focuses on the effective planning, scheduling, use, and control of a manufacturing or service organization through the study of concepts from design engineering, industrial engineering, management information systems, quality management, production management, inventory management, accounting, and other functions as they affect the operation.

---- APICS Dictionary

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More About APICS

APICS National Association's Corporate office is headquartered in Chicago, Illionois. APICS European Office is in Brussels, Belgium. APICS The National Association is incorporated and is governed by an elected Board of Directors and employs minimal paid staff. The balance of the National Association is comprised of dedicated volunteers at the National Association, District and Chapter levels.

APICS Districts consist of APICS chapters in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are 9 Districts and more than 250 Chapters in North America chartered by the National Association. Chapters serve as the face-to-face component of APICS membership.

Each Chapter is chartered by the National Association, incorporated as a separate legal entity, and governed by a Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are elected every year. They uphold the tenets of the National Association, attend to their Chapter's legal and financial matters, promote the APICS body of knowledge and develop educational offerings that best serve their membership.

Our Chapter elections are held in May. (The fiscal year runs from July to June.) In June, the Board transitions, and each Director assumes responsibility for managing and reporting on his/her area of responsibility. Chapters report to Districts on the activities of their chapters. This is accomplished through an exchange of information at District Meetings and through a Chapter Management Awards Program called C-Bar. We are proud of our Chapter, which has achieved the highest level award for many consecutive years--a platinum award.

District Directors, who are members of the National Association's Board of Directors, provide the main link between the National Association and Chapters. As a member of the Board of Directors; the district director provides recommendations and philosophical direction during the development of policies, procedures, and educational offerings to ensure they enhance the professionalism of operations management. Each district elects a District Director and a District Manager through a special nomination committee made up of chapter presidents within the district.

To learn more about APICS, click on the District & National Association page of our website. It provides links to:

  • Society level Board of Directors
  • A list of all 9 Districts
  • A link to our Northeast District
  • A link to other Chapters, using the Chapter Locator
  • A link to Join APICS (be sure to list the North Shore Chapter #20, or NOSH #20)

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