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About Our Chapter

Our Chapter is the North Shore Chapter (NOSH #20). We are incorporated and hold a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit status. We are dedicated to serving our membership, geographical area and business community with educational programs, services and career assistance. More about our Mission

Our programs and services are designed to help our customers meet the challenge of professional growth with respect to the Operations Management profession. Every year the Board of Directors surveys the North Shore Chapter membership's needs, and uses this information to develop the Chapter's offerings.

We have been a Platinum Chapter, without interruption, since 1996. This is the 18th year in a row that we've achieved the highest level of recognition a Chapter can achieve – through a Chapter Management Awards Program called Chapter Benchmarking and Reporting (CBAR) Program . The primary purpose of these standards is to enhance the growth, development and value-add of APICS chapters by evaluating each chapter against a set of criteria believed to have a direct and positive impact on chapter performance. The CBarProgram encourages innovation and strong organizational management practices, including solid strategic planning, continuity among leadership, and recruiting and retaining members.

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About Our Chapter's History

In celebration of our 40th anniversary (March 2000), Arch Astolfi, one of our Past Presidents and an Honorary Member of APICS, presented "The Birth of a Chapter." A few highlights of that history follows:

Even as early as 1957, Jack Raymond had been tracking down leads about a national organization called the American Production and Inventory Control Society which was being incorporated in Kokomo, Indiana. He kept his eye on this new society. The field sorely needed the benefits that a professional organization could provide. In the fall of 1959, Jack Raymond, who, by then, had become a member of the Boston Chapter of APICS, was communicating with Norm Bouely about starting a new chapter on the North Shore, where the potential for membership existed. The area was ripe for expansion.

On January 7, 1960, Jack made the first move toward having a chapter in the area when he sent a letter and a questionnaire our to a group of companies on the North Shore. The response was very encouraging, and on February 9, 1960, the first meeting was held to begin organizing a chapter. Thirty-four men attended the meeting and unanimously voted to seek affiliation with the national APICS organization.

The application for a chapter charter was presented to the National Board of Director on February 20. On March 8, 1960, the charter was presented to the Chapter (then referred to as the Salem Chapter) at a meeting at the Colonial in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Isidore Eisner of New Bedford, and national Vice President of Chapter Development presented the charter to Jack Raymond of Beverly, before a group of 37 men from various North Shore companies. There were thirty charter members and the following officers were elected:

Vice President

Jack Raymond
Herb Ricker
Fred Smith
Tom Standring

This history was provided by Arch Astolfi, CFPIM.

April 2, 1924 - April 10, 2015

Arch T, AstolfiIt is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Arch T. Astolfi, CFPIM. Arch was a founding member of the North Shore Chapter, in 1960. He served as President from 1964-65, and remained interested and active in the Chapter. Arch attended monthly meetings regularly! His friendly, smiling presence and intimate knowledge of the Chapter’s history will be widely missed.



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Past Presidents

Since 1960, our Chapter has been, and continues to be, served by many dedicated professionals. Every one was (is) a volunteer. While we list only Past Presidents here, we wish to recognize all those who've served on the Board of Directors over the years. Our thanks and appreciation go to all of them for their dedication and service to APICS.

John Raymond, 1960
Herb Ricker, 1961
Frank Kimball, 1962-63
Arch Astolfi, 1964-65
Alfred King, 1966
John Robicheau, 1967
George Stanton, 1968
David Tarr, 1969
James Holleran, 1970
Marcel Pelletier, 1971
Robert Gaige, 1972
Robert Kohankie, 1973
Peder Herried, 1974
James Dietz, 1975
Thomas Leonard, 1976
Ronald Morneau, 1977

M. Krishnamurthy, 1978
Kenneth Belanger, 1979
Chris Gray, 1980
Virginia Reck, 1981
Richard Hopkins, 1982
David Herrington, 1983
Andrew Doherty, 1984
Thomas Leonard, 1985
Phil Hubis, 1986-87
Preston Holleman, 1988-90
Nancy Preston, 1991-92
Paul Blanchet, 1993-97
Mike Stan, 1998-2001
Paul Blanchet, 2001-02
Kevin Burnell, 2002-06
Ken Duratti, 2006-11
Franklin White, Jr. 2011-15
Michele Lawrence, 2015-17

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What We Offer

Our Chapter holds Professional Development Meetings (PDM's) on the second Tuesday of every month except in July, August and December. The dinner meetings are held at various locations, in the vicinity of exit 39 off Rte. 95. Meeting location, speaker and topic are available a month ahead of each meeting on our website. Meetings run from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. They include a social, buffet dinner, and presentation for $25. It's a wonderful way to network with your peers and the easiest way to stay current with the latest operations management issues. Each meeting counts as one point towards CPIM and CFPIM recertification. You may register by clicking the following link: Register Now.

The North Shore Chapter Board of Directors normally meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month except in December and July. The meetings are run by Robert's Rules (a form of Parliamentary Procedure you can learn about by visiting The Board maintains both strategic and tactical plans. Each Director is responsible for managing and reporting on his/her area of responsibility.

Serving on the Board of Directors provides an excellent opportunity to build your leadership skills. The Board is extremely supportive of new Directors, and encourages Co-Directorships for most positions. To inquire about joining our Board, please contact us.

One or two times each year we hold a plant tour in place of our regular dinner meetings. The details of each tour are announced in the monthly newsletter,and are also posted on our website as the date approaches. Plant tours provide an excellent opportunity to benchmark your operation and see the latest operations management techniques in action.

Every year the Chapter offers a seminar and a multitude of workshops, and custom in-house courses. All are related to operations management topics. These offerings are highlighted in the newsletter and on our website under Education. You may now register on-line with your credit card for most of these offerings.

We run a job bank that lists both resumes and opportunities. This service is free of charge and is open to both members and nonmembers. You may contact the Director of Employment, or fill out the form on-line.

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