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Testimonials from our students

Here’s what some of our most recent students had to say about our classes:

I would like to say thank you for helping to setup CPIM classes at Fujifilm. We found it extremely beneficial to have the class here at our organization and it was very easy to setup. All of our teachers were professional, intelligent, and wanted everyone in their class to really retain the information taught in the class. All the teachers offered their services outside of the classroom and said they would answer any questions we may have had. The materials for each class were very helpful and reasonably priced.

We hope to pass all the exams within the next couple of months and keep up to date with our CPIM.
Thank you again for all your help.

Erin Doherty, Planning and Procurement Specialist, Fujifilm

The CSCP course and exam preparation are an excellent choice for professionals looking to advance their career or gain valuable, up-to-date industry knowledge. The course material is broad enough to touch on all aspects of the supply chain yet specific enough to give you an in-depth understanding of important processes, vocabulary and tools which can easily be transferred to your day-to-day occupation. At 25 years old I know this certification has given me the “leg up” I need to compete with others in my generation for years to come.

My instructor, Rob Michaels, was very informative and knew the material intimately. You can tell he appreciates learning for its own sake and that is something I admire. All of our questions and concerns were answered or dealt with promptly and the class had an excellent atmosphere. Rob was very easy to get along with, very friendly and treated everyone with the utmost respect. Eleven weeks of Monday night classes was a small price to pay for a nationally recognized certification and it was over before I knew it.

Exam preparation was challenging but this is to be expected. I was very confident, after the class and significant personal preparation, going in to the exam. With a reasonable amount of study the exam seemed, at the time and in hindsight, very fair, the questions were clear and concise and the content was broad enough that it was obvious one would have to know the entire scope of the material to pass.

I would highly recommend the CSCP certification. I believe it would be especially helpful to those new to the industry who want to get an understanding of the whole supply chain but not get bogged down in minutiae. I learned a lot and am excited to put this new knowledge into practice at work!

James McCarthy, CSCP, Inventory Control, Materials Planning Analyst

The concepts taught in the BSCM class allowed me to practice a more detailed and advanced observation of the complete supply chain process than what I conducted in my daily analytical processing.

The BSCM class helped me think about the different aspects involved in supply chain management from the experience of my classmates and instructor, as well as from the source material of the class itself.

The goal of the class was to provide students with a broad understanding of supply chain management, and the exam allowed me to take stock of what I had learned. The exam challenged me to draw from everything I had learned in class to provide the best possible response in any given situation.

Ultimately, I am pleased to say I have passed the BSCM test and am excited about obtaining my CPIM certification.

Brian Harrington, M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.

I opted for CPIM classes through the APICS North Shore chapter rather than self-study. This offered the combined experience of the instructor and my fellow students, and allowed for back and forth discussion that deepened my learning experience. The instructors were well-versed in the material, had years of experience to back it up, and made learning interesting, challenging and fun. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a comprehensive and practical study of production and inventory management.

Denise C., Vice President of Materials Management