Keith J. Launchbury CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, CDDP, CDDL, President of Keith Launchbury & Associates, and Past President of APICS International

Keith LaunchburyKeith LaunchburyKeith is the president of Keith Launchbury & Associates, a company that since 1983 has been committed to providing practical, realistic and innovative ideas for the improvement of business operations. He is a renowned and accomplished international speaker, educator and author. He is an international speaker and educator at multiple conferences, seminars and APICS Chapter meetings.

Certified by APICS in three program areas,
     • CFPIM,
     • CIRM and
     • CSCP.



He served as:
     • President of the Montreal Chapter of APICS in 1983.
     • Regional Vice President of APICS for Canada (CAPIC) from 1984 to 1986,
     • Vice President of Education Materials from 1986 to 1988.
     • From 1988 to 1990 he served in a number of executive roles for APICS.
     • International President of APICS in 1991, and as
     • Also, he was also a significant contributor to the APICS Integrated Resource Management Program, and served as Chair of the Curricula and Certification Council (the group that develops and administers all the certification testing) from 1995 to 1997.

He is the author of two APICS courses:
     • Master Planning of Resources, and the
     • Principles of Planning.

He is Certified in Demand Driven Planning (CDDP) and is a certified instructor for the Demand Driven Institute.

Keith obtained a Bachelor of Technology degree in Applied Physics from the University of West London (Brunel) in 1974. Since then he has concentrated on the implementation of planning and control systems in a wide range of business environments.

Initially he worked as a graduate trainee for Pirelli General in Southampton, England, specializing in method study and industrial engineering projects. In 1977, he joined Northern Telecom's Cable Division in Lachine, Qu├ębec, as a Manufacturing Systems Coordinator. In this position he worked as an educator to the MRP Project Team, developing the system requirements for MRP, specifically for the cable making operations. In 1979 he joined AES Data, initially to implement a Manufacturing System in the Terminals division in Mississauga, Ontario. In 1981, he became Manufacturing Systems Manager for the entire company, responsible for the implementation of MRP in each of the manufacturing divisions.

In 1984 he started his own group of business educators, and since that time his company has provided education, consulting and training services to over 120 companies in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

He has published numerous checklists and articles, and he is the author of the following business books:
     • "Getting Better, my journey through Transverse Myelitis, lessons learned for health care professionals, patients and their families,"
     • "Business Intelligence, lessons learned from the oxymorons at work,"
     • "Intelligent Business, lessons learned from the experts at work,"
     • "The Journey, unleashing the power of business integration."

Also, he is outspoken on the need for a fundamental change in the nature of Business Education, and won the Toyota Prize for best paper delivered at the SAPICS conference in South Africa in 2000.

Together with Jean-Daniel Cusin, he is the co-author of the World Class Manufacturing Checklist, and the Manufacturing Application System Specification Standard. Together with Claire Bloom, he is the co-author of the Great Organization, Smart Worker; Super Culture; Vital Customer Service; Prime Technology and Power Teams Checklists, and co-developer of the "Marketing Game"and the "Manufacturing Simulation Game."

In addition, he has developed several educational games to teach business concepts, and is also the author of two business education courses. In 2010, he wrote a book about the need for business process improvement in health care. Keith is actively involved in the Bio/Pharma Supply Management Alliance, and is a member of the Talent Development Sub Committee.