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Each month in this section, we will feature four or five sample questions from one of the modules in the CPIM or CSCP Certification Program. For more information on the certification process, contact

This month's questions are from the CSCP Certification module:

1. A successful deployment of a fully integrated ERP system is a characteristic of a:
A. Stage 1, functional focused supply chain
B. Stage 2, internally integrated supply chain
C. Stage 3, externally integrated supply chain
D. Stage 4, cross-enterprise collaboration and optimized supply chain

2. All of the following describe a supply chain flow EXCEPT:
A. the flow of physical materials and services from supplier to other entities
B. the flow of cash upstream to raw material suppliers
C. the flow of information within a supply chain
D. the flow of employees from one department to another

3. The MOST significant cost associated with RFID is:
A. passive RFID tags
B. employee training
C. infrastructure changes
D. active RFID tags

4. All of the following describe S&OP EXCEPT:
A. definite near term plan
B. encourages continuous improvement
C. cross-functional process
D. results in lower costs

5. Which of the following is true of C-TPAT?
A. Business participation is required by law.
B. Participation in the program results in increased security checks.
C. It only applies to ocean freight.
D. It focuses on self-regulation.


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CPIM and CSCP questions attributed to Real World Supply Chain LLC

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