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Each month in this section, we will feature four or five sample questions from one of the modules in the CPIM or CSCP Certification Program. For more information on the certification process, contact

This month's questions are taken from the Basics of Supply Chain Management module

1. Which of the following best describes a kanban system?

(A) a quality control system
(B) basically is a push production
(C) requires operator flexibility
(D) basically is a visual reorder point

2. The master production schedule (MPS) is

(A) an anticipated build schedule
(B) an input to the production plan
(C) a statement of forecast demand
(D) driven by material requirements planning

3. In most cases, the fastest way to increase capacity to meet a short-term requirement is to
(A) hire additional workers
(B) use overtime
(C) acquire more equipment
(D) subcontract work

4. Which of the following links product family planning and component planning?

(A) production planning
(B) master scheduling
(C) material requirements planning
(D) resource requirements planning

5. Which of the following production processes is most appropriate for high-volume bulk products?

(A) project
(B) jobbing
(C) batch
(D) continuous


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CPIM and CSCP questions attributed to Real World Supply Chain LLC

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